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Do what you love and do it a lot! And I love #wordpress 😉
Sometimes: what you need is only sit and rewire your brain!
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Life is too short, live the way you like 💕
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#Turkish #cone #ice-cream was not easy to grab 😬
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How to remove Redux Framework Plugin Ad

The Redux Framework is a very good plugin no doubt. A lot’s of WordPress and Plugin developers are using this Framework around the world. However, when WP_DEBUG is true the Redux Framework displays admin notices and an Ad Banner at the top of the Redux Framework options window. To remove all that stuff doesn’t affect whether [...]

Fahid JavidFahid Javid

Create WordPress Admin Account Using FTP

Have you ever had a client need help on their WordPress site, and have FTP access, but not actually give you a WordPress account to use? All you have to do to create a new admin user in WordPress with FTP, All right? Add the following code snippet to the end of your theme’s ‘functions.php’ file and use FTP to upload it to [...]

Fahid JavidFahid Javid